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Aachen... the westernmost major city in Germany with a population of more than 250,000.



…has one of the most beautiful town halls in Germany in its historic town center with its distinctive building. 


...offers all kinds of shopping opportunities around the farm in its beautiful old town.

Welcome to the imperial city of Aachen!

Or also spa city, cathedral city... Aachen has many nicknames. Speaking of the cathedral city - next to the city hall, the most imposing building of Aachen is probably the Aachen Cathedral. In terms of its history and building, it is not inferior to its more famous brother in Cologne. At the entrance door you can even feel the devil's thumb, according to a legend he got it stuck there.

Another characteristic of Aachen is the Klenkes. A distinctive sign that the people of Aachen use to greet each other by raising the little finger of their right hand. A monument and the name of the Aachen city magazine commemorate this greeting.
Can you also go out to celebrate in Aachen? Absolutely! In the Pontviertel there are a variety of bars, cafes and clubs. This is where you will find most of Aachen's students, who throw themselves into the nightlife.

Aachen is diverse and exciting!

Beautiful old town of Aachen

Everything is nearby

The i Live Campus Living Aachen is located on the edge of Aachen's city center. The location convinces by its proximity to shopping facilities for daily needs, candy manufacturers, the city center and the RTWH.
In addition, Aachen is located in the "Heart of Europe" and therefore also in the border triangle Germany - Belgium - Netherlands. The perfect starting point for great excursions and discoveries.
Another reason to live, study and reside in Aachen!


By bus

The bus stop "Europadorf" of the lines 16, 173, 30, 41 and 47 are in the immediate vicinity.

By train

The RB33 and RE4 lines from Bahnhof West will quickly take you to your destination.

By car

You are also well connected by car. The A4 freeway is in the immediate vicinity.  


The universities of Aachen

Aachen is a young but internationally renowned university city with a total of four universities. A great diversity for students!

By the way, if you compare the student numbers of Aachen in percentage to the number of inhabitants, Aachen is way ahead of the big student cities like Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt.

RWTH Aachen

With more than 45,000 students, the RWTH Aachen University is Germany's largest university for technical courses.

It offers an excellent education in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering.

Fachhochschule Aachen

With approximately 15,000 students, Aachen University of Applied Sciences is the second largest university in Aachen.

It strives for research strength and its competencies lie primarily in future-oriented topics such as energy, mobility and life sciences.

Studierendenwerk of Aachen

The Studentenwerk Aachen supports students in all areas of life such as housing, food, student financing and childcare.